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*********QUESTION--- What is your Favorite Trophy Truck of all time??????????***************************

#1--- Larry Ragland's Chevrolet C-1500 ( arnold )
#2--- Team MacPherson's Chevrolet
#3--- Simon & Simon Ford F-150
#4--- Robby Gordon's Ranger--- La Victoria
#5--- Ivans Toyota Tundra/ t-100
#6--- Old Venable Ford-- Gordon/ MaCachran
#7--- Venable Ford -- MaCachran, Helmbolt/ Lowrider
#8---- Robby Gordons/ Ford F-150/ Riviera Truck
#9---- Herzog/ Vortec Chevrolet Trailblazers
#10---- Curt Leduc's Jeep Grand cherokee
#11--- Herbst Old Ford F-150----aka Jimmy Smith truck
#12--- Herbst New AWD F-250
#13---- Any of the BALDWIN trucks w/ the older body or new...
#14---- Robby Gordons BIG Ford aka Marty Coyne
#15---- Any of Walker Evans Dodges-----Helmbolt/ Donahoe
#16---- Roger Mears Chevrolet..aka Budweiser truck carlos ibarra
#17---- Danny Letner's S-10
#18---- John Swift's Ford Ranger
#19----- Old Duralast truck/ Class 8
#20----- New Duralast Ford F-150
#21------ Brian Collins New Chevrolet C-1500
#22------ Brian Coats Chevrolet....aka Carol electric
#23------ Robby Gordon's V-drive Ford/ Toyota...aka turtle wax/ cd-2/ menards car
#24------ Damen Jeffries new Silver Bullet V-drive Porter Ford F-150
#25------- Javier Espenoza Chevy S-10
#26------- Other????????????????????


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Mine would have to be the old Simon & Simon truck.........Those blow its really needed those chevrolets didn't they.................


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Ivan Stewart's Toyota Tundra


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#11. They never should've gotten rid of that truck!!

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My favorite would have to be the MacCachren lowrider ford. That truck was awesome if you really looked at it. Nowadays it may have to be Jeffries new truck, but it will take a while to see if it really performs well.


#2--- Team MacPherson's Chevrolet
#7--- Venable Ford -- MaCachran, Helmbolt/ Lowrider (MightyMouse)

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Good Question!

After looking at the list-Some awsome machines in that list..Yowza!
I'd have to take Arnold ajd Old Herbst TT... those two really "blew up my skirt!"


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what about some of the early trophy trucks? like the bfg/vessels blazers. tube frame, front engine, rear live axle...i think one still runs in australia. favorite-the lowrider ford from venable.

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I would have to go for the Simon and Simon Ford. That truck pelted me with rocks so bad one time, it made my heart jump around in my chest!

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Simon and Simon Ford. Then the Walker Trucks. MMMMMMMMMMM ZOOOOOMY



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Definitely Paul and Dave Simon's Ford F-150 wins my vote for favorite TT of all time. The speed and ability of the Simon's old TT was most impressive and left a lasting impression. ROOARRRrr ! Rumor had it that it was still being seen at local races south of the boarder, ROCK ON ! second would have to be a tie between the old Herbst TT and the Robby Gordon Ford F-150/ Riviera Truck back in the day….

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Have to be the old red late model cherrokees (late 80's) or the old BUD trucks (J10's)

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Arnold....Arnold.....Duralast......Oh did I mention .......ARNOLD....



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Well it looks like Simon & Simon's old truck has a slight lead over Macachran's lowrider, then Arnold, the V-drive chevrolet that ragland drives, Lots of second place votes to Herbst old Truck...... then Robby's ( Riviera's) vehicle.........Right on people keep it coming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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My hats off to the 'Yota!!!