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Trophy Truck Race in a Hick town??


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FORGET THE SOUTH!!!!,make something happen here

ivan brought something, baldwin nows has brought something, r.g. is trying (maybe ) to bring something?????? what are you gonna bring, looks like you got bit by the bug with all your off road racing lately , we'd all appreciate something more local if that's something you can make happen

You a man in the light right , it would cost less money to make something happen here, then someplace where water boy lives right!!!!
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Malibloc, Where the heck is your logic.

1st of all nothing is cheaper in california espically when you are compairing to a remote small rural town.

Second It is Jesse's project, and their is a specific reason he is doing what he is doing and where.

Third, introducing our sport to un-exposed markets, and new audiences is a tricky business and if done right is one hell of an effective way to breake into the mainstream.

Jesses James: the most un-HollyWood type is our offroad hollywood connection.


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Very cool concept. I think it will be a hit.

Also, Thanks for supporting the troops and having the cajones to go to Iraq.


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wherever hik-town is i know i will load up the #2 and race there!!!


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Looks like it will be an awesome show Jesse! Something I would definately watch, good luck with it.


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Cool deal Jesse, Hope it works out for you. I'll have to forward that link to our mutual police officer friend in Edmond, OK.


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yeah even my wife saw it and said how cool would that be...but are you serious or pulling our legs? if you are serious, I hope it goes off well. thatwould be killer...


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Awesome idea, no one in our goverment right now seems to be working to help our country out, go get em Jesse. I will watch for sure.


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Great idea Jesse....way to go....i hope it works out for you......


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Sign the 58 up.


Jesses James: the most un-HollyWood type is our offroad hollywood connection.
Well said.. I am surprised that he has not been Banned For Life from kookville central!

Fact, we haven't had such regular (and not token) representation since Steve McQueen. You go JJ.
I nominate Jesse for San Francisco mayor. I've always wanted to see trucks get big air there on all the hills.