TrophyKart Project RS450 Baja Build

So I figured I start a thread documenting the build of my custom TrophyKart RS450 that I plan to do some long distance desert racing with. That has been my dream ever since we built the very first TK.

Progress definitely hasn't been as fast as I would like, as I only get a few evenings a week to work on it, but the chassis is almost complete now. I'll put some pics up!

Enjoy! Let me know what you guys think as it comes along.

Step 1: Assemble chassis and tack weld together.

Step 2: TIG weld chassis.

Step 3: Start tabbing and welding engine, suspension, and steering rack mounts.

Step 4: Start tabbing and welding skid plate and aluminum panel mounts

Step 5: Take Rear axle housing home and start welding at the house in the garage after work, while drinking a frosty cold one and procrastinating as much as possible.

My little 1 car garage shop :)

Well that's it for now. I'll update more as the build progresses.




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Saw this chassis at TK this week, great work Shane and Matt. Thanks for the help by the way. ;-)


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What races and class are you going to enter? How does this differ from a regular 450 TL? What size cell will you be going with and how far will that take you? Looks like a really cool build and should be a lot of fun when it is done.
We have been talking a bit with the HDRA abou the inclusion of some TrophyKart classes. But truth be told, I just want to run it in the desert and hope I can find a home for it somewhere. :) Our chassis design and strength has been more than proven with the years of racing in short course and the engineering tests that we have had done.

I will be building a custom cell for this chassis, I'm hoping to get around 10 gal capacity. Not to sure yet on range but should be respectable. The main differnces with this RS450 will be spares, dual batteries, lights, gps, radio, etc.......


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So any updates?