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TrophyLite Action from Vegas to Reno


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Hey everyone, TrophyLite Race Series took on the 2017 BITD V2R with a vengeance. Last season wasn't to kind to the 9 teams that started but this year we had 11 and brought home 8 of them. Jeff Mortis battled with Russ McKnight, Brandon Arciero, Josh Cobb and Craig Spitz all day long but with some strong pit performance and driving strategies, the 6048 brought home their first win at V2R in over 6 attempts by just about 6 minutes covering the 540 miles. The Race Recap and Highlight video show the full story!

Read the RACE RECAP ->
BITD 2017 General Tire - Vegas to Reno | Mortis steps up for win in convincing style in the longest U.S. desert race!

and watch the freaking amazing Highlight Video ->

from Bobby and 239Films.

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Thank you ALL for checking out TrophyLite!


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Great video Bobby! Thanks Geno for putting this up.

Trophylite racing continues to advance their designs that increase speed while still being very reliable and are an absolute blast to drive. Horner Brothers racing finished V2R in a rental Trophylite their first time racing in the truck.