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Trophylite Financing?


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If you want to race you need to pick a class that your budget can afford. If you can't afford the $30-$40K price tag of the race car, your looking at the wrong race car. I can tell you I've wanted to race well before i ever got my drivers lic. My first race as a driver was when I was 30, I was 34 when I was able to afford my first true off road car, and then 37 when I could afford my first race car. I worked 4 jobs for 3 years to pay for my race car, it sucked but was well worth it because I did it. If you go get a loan for a race car you are setting yourself up for failure. This is the "RIGHT NOW" generation, time to take a step back and look at the big picture.......Loans are for houses and automobiles, not race cars. Nothing worse than paying for a crumpled up piece of twisted metal in your garage for the next 4 years because you can't afford to fix it. Why do you think the majority of racers are in there mid 30's and up? The only young racers out there have major backing from mom and dad (absolutely nothing wrong with that, I would have if it was available to me), the rest are blue collar racers. Work hard, save your money, pick a cheaper class and you will get there.


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I don't know if this has been covered yet cuz didn't have time to read every post but one thing you have to look at is,,,

if you finance it and they race it and total it do you think they will finish paying for it? even if it is not totaled and they wind up not being able to pay for it and you get it back you have all the wear and tear to deal with yourself.

I would have to say if you do it your crazy but opinions are like turds,,, everyone is full of them

there is an old saying that might fit here on either side of this,,,, "there is a sucker born every minute"


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Here is what I have seen from the TROPHYLITE guys racing the R-4 trucks. Prep if you do the work yourself you will spend somewhere between $1500 and $2500 per race for parts and prep related stuff. I get these numbers from a bunch of the teams including Messers (they win alot) and many others. You will have hotel and travel costs on top of that and you can have big swings in those costs depeinding on where and how you travel. If you have a motorhome and camp out you can do it pretty inexpensive for sure. If you stay at the Ritz all the time obviously it will cost more. With that in mind I think with TROPHYLITE you can set up an affordable budget that will cost less to run the truck then your initial purchase cost. I think the financing thing is a great way to do it in a low cost and affordable class like this. Bigger and faster trucks maybe not.

I was trying to find out who is going to take Mike's offer and let him finance a truck for you to race? I figured someone would jump on that fast before its gone?