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Trouble In Glamis


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Following is a few clips from an article in today's Los Angeles Times. I agree that alcohol and "want to be" race cars don't mix. I hope the few irresponsible ones out there don't ruin it for all of us. Read on!!!
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Sand Dune Rowdies Face Crackdown
Recreation: Authorities say holiday partying has gotten out of hand at desert off-road site.

"We're trained for an off-highway vehicle park, and we were doing things a major trauma center in a city would do," said Sharkey, assistant manager at the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area east of San Diego. "We weren't ready for that." In response to last month's chaos, the federal Bureau of Land Management is treating the New Year's weekend at the dunes like a major forest fire. Authorities set up a 24-hour incident command center, turned a campground into a communications headquarters and brought in several agencies, including the California Highway Patrol and the U.S. Forest Service.

"The message they need is that they're not going to get away with this," said Hugh Dougher, a National Park Service ranger and one of two incident commanders for the weekend. "When they do something wrong, they're going to be thrown in jail. This is not the place they can come to escape the moors of society."

"It's all those kids and their Ranger trucks who come out here and party all night," he said. "Most of them don't have the experience driving on the streets, then they come out here and think they're Robby Gordon."

The 20-year-old said he comes out to Glamis eight times a year not for the dunes but for "the chicks, the beer and the food." Aaron Barrack, 21, summed it up: "It's the world's biggest party with no rules."

That's exactly the problem, said the emergency medical technician Sharkey. The dunes are seen as the "last vestige of the American West," and some visitors just don't use common sense.


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I have been once, and it was the weekend after thanksgiving, which is supposed to be one of the melloest weekends for an exception of the summer, and it was about the craziest thing I ever imagined, so I have can't even imagine new years or thanksgiving.

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I'll tell you guys - I have been going to Glamis for nearly 15 years, and I have NEVER, EVER experience any trouble.

I go with a close group of cool, responsible people, and we all stick together. We've approached all types of people, riding and driving every type of vehicle imaginable, and they have been cool to us, and we have been cool to them. Maybe we have just been lucky.

I too try to stay away from the big "Amimal" weekends, but this year I couldn't resist.

My friend EJ and I went out to Glamis on Friday morning (just for a day trip). The usually crowded Gecko Rd. had TONS of open spots from the highway to Roadrunner Campground. We parked my truck and trailer about halfway down Gecko Rd., unloaded the quads, and went riding all day! The weather was sweet, not too crowded back in the dunes, and we even bumped into a couple of friends out near vendor alley.

RG's rig was not far from us, but we never saw Mr. Gordon there, or in the dunes.

I think I may have seen Fishdood's Toy at the "drags" near Gecko. (I saw a white X-Cab, without bedsides from a distance).

Maybe in the future,, an RDC Party in Glamis could be coordinated for those interested.

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yeah those kids who drive the Rangers are real trouble makin assholes, lol.


Easy to fix...

Require reservations to camp and limit the numbers.

It simply bothers me to have the sport tainted by an element that simply finds the venues and the lack of supervision an opportunity.

Eco-nazis get their power and money from the "need to feel good, arm-chair" types. The present Glamis situation simply directs their focus to work against all OHV activity as a whole.

IMHO, nothing is more exciting than Dez Racing. if you can't get your addrenaline rush at 100mph in the whoops, i.e. you need something more crazy, then you are demented.

I simply don't understand the "dune-a-tic" deal.

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i am at the station for new years, but some of my comrades are running the mobile emergency command center at glamis this week. i will get stories from some of the horses mouths when they get back. and so you know, that is from riverside county fire/california dept. of forestry and fire protection, not the u.s. forest service.

fyi-watch out for the park service clinton appointees!!!

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This just adds fuel to make the respectable ones look bad. I have been to Glamis many times and I too, have had no trouble. I have seen some pretty foolish things though. But than again, I have seen the same things happen on the freeway. Happy New Year everybody.

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i was up there on sunday after thanksgiving weekend. first and last time. some of you should stick around til the end of the weekend so you can see what the place looks like when were finished with it. it is completely disgusting, all the trash, burned vehicles, beer bottles, etc. the last time i went to dumont, as i pulled on to the road, there was a sheriff stopping almost everybody, and handing out citations left and right. all i could say was thank god, they arent gonna let it become another glamis. let it be known im as against police abusing power, or even stretching their power, but sometimes its refreshing to see them out there keeping things in order. its unfortunate people cant control themselves out there.


ps. its the ranger guys causing problems, us toyota guys are all angels :p


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I agree that something definitley needs to be done, but what's up with the stereotypes??? I don't know who's mouth that quote came from but I'm 20, drive a ranger (well I use to) and I not only clean up after myself but also everyone else that thinks the desert is a landfill. I'm not saying that there aren't young punks out there in their ranger's but it's not just the young crowd that does all of the littering so why stereotype them. After all aren't all of us desert enthusiasts's being stereotyped here? I just don't understand why someone who is being quoted for a newsparer article can make such a naive statement. If the entire Glamis crowd in general was more responsible there wouldn't be so many deaths and accidents on the big weekends, not to mention all of the DUI's. There's more people to blame here than those young Ranger punks!!


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Well I just got back from Ocotillo Wells and Glamis. I was at Glamis Thursday-Friday and then went to Ocotillo Till today. TB if the Toy you saw didn't have bedsides it wasent me. I have all my fiberglass on. If only everyone could drive a Toyota then those damn ranger kids wouldnt be a problem =) j/k.

Personally I like Ocotillo Wells a bit better just because I am not really into all the crazyness at Glamis. Ocotillo gets crazy but its reasonable.

Wait untill you guys see the unreal footage I got at Devil's Slide on Sunday night (head on collision). I will have it up in a few minuets!

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A buddy of mine went to Borrego, and supposably he's got video of two trucks going head on over the same jump, hitting in the air !!!!!! I guess it was a chick in a tacoma which was destroyed from the other truck landing on its hood, and the other truck rolled after impacting the tacoma..... Any confirmation on this. It was at night and lots of people viewed it, from what I heard...


If you actually read the entire article you'd understand there were plenty of bad quotes in there. The article was written by Anna Gorman who happens to be a fulltime LA Times staff writer. Do you think she has any idea what really is going on out at Glamis? Heck no she doesn't. The pictures in the article didn't do Glamis justice either... a boring shot of some people standing around their parked vehicles and another of some guy on an ATC burying himself in a dune.

If only the readers of the Times REALLY knew what went on at Glamis.



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Here is your confirmation:

You HAVE to right click and do Save File As or they wont work!


You HAVE to right click and do Save File As or they wont work!

I cant beleve I actually got it on film heh. The video is already on the way to Real TV because one of the people there worked for them! It should be on in a month or so.

There was a chick driving the White Tacoma that was coming up the back side of the jump. My friend was the passanger. Neither was even scratched! But the truck is a total loss!

The other toyota was someone camping at our camp with us. He had a full cage that went all the way to the front bumper and nothing was even bent on it! The only damage to his truck was a flat tire and the cab was barley pushed down on the front right corner! He also had seats and full belts which really saved him! We drove his truck away.

As far as I know both of the drivers got DUI's. They took both of the drivers the ranger station in handcuff's. Both Drivers were 19 years old.

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On a technical note, fishd00d could you tell me which codecs you used to post those video's?


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Tim thats a good question! My computer is like half broken and I am using some crappy program. heh.

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Re:Rookie Drivers


Good timing for you to be in the right spot at the wrong time. This is exactly what scares the heck out of me. I have done plenty of stupid things in my life but once you have been around professional racing you have a whole new outlook on safety. The people in this crash are lucky they are not dead due to head injuries. The race track is a heck of a lot safer than this nonsense!

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With Glamis, I gotta go with PJC. They need to fix it, and before next season. There are two problems here-

1-People who don't RESPECT the desert, each other, and common sense

2-Eco-terrorists capitalizing on this.

I have been going to Glamis the past 8 years. This year, I kept to Ocotillo. After thanksgiving of 2000, I was done. Not only was riding through the glass on sand highway fun, but trash everywhere, and people just plain being stupid. I'm like any other 20 something guy, I like to have a good time, have a couple beers, and look at the eye candy (chicks). However, you also have to have the common sense. Do I think Anna knows what happens at Glamis, No. Do I think she writes with the attitude of people like me who are fed up with all the yahoos, and are kinda pissed because THEY are going get it closed, not the people who respect it, and support it?

On the other hand. The Eco terrorists are feeding off this like wolves on a young calf. Easy prey, and it holds up really good in court. This sucks, but until the younger generation changes, it's gonna go downhill fast. It's all about respect.


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