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Was looking through pictures on a site and am stumped on which TT this is.

I was thinking maybe the old RobbyGordon TTR but doesnt look like it.
I know Tony B will have the answer.


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Tony, could that be the TT that MacKinsey (sp.) built? the way the rear shocks are mounted looks like the one that was in Estero.


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Sean Mckinze, if thats the name, had a pro 2 truck he took down to Estero I remeber. Dont think they had a TT.


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that is sean's brother jim mckenzie's TT, he ran it a primm a few years ago as well as at estero beach. jim is the guy doing the "pro-staduim" trucks. jim is a real piece of work...


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I'll second that..."Jim is a real piece of work"...I remember racing in Ridgecrest this one time and we pitted together, Jim made a stop for a battery change ( bad alt.) and had to go PP Real bad....So someone handed him a big gulp cup, so he could without getting out of the car.....then his girlfriend runs up to the car.....Just as jimmy is done and flings the whole cup of PP on her.....dumps the clutch and roosted all over the poor gal...........I laughed till it hurt.......