Truck Racers I need help!


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Dec 31, 1969
Hey, what's up? My name is Kevin Anderson and I am an Engineering student at PennState University. For my senior year project each group has to design a simulation game of some kind.

My group is making an off-road racing simulation game. We got most of the graphics done and I have to work on the sound track. Maybe you could help me out...Do you have a video camera? I need the sounds of the truck for the digital soundtrack, mainly the motor.

All you have to do is start up the truck and rev it up and maybe drive it a little bit. It's real simple. The game is just a school project, but I can give you a copy when it is all done...

Here is what I need done:

There are 3 main parts to the video, in every part KEEP THE CAMERA ON THE GAS THE WHOLE TIME! If you can, this would be a great help, switch shoes for everyone scene. If you can wear just sox for the starting part, sneakers for the revving, and boots for the driving part that would make it easier for me to go through the tape and tell what is what.

The first part I need is the starting part. Start the camera and show how you have to pump the gas to get it started and then rev it up to keep it going and warm it up. If the truck floods or stalls at all thats perfect, I can use those sounds too!!

The next part is the revving part. Sit in the truck and just rev it up, the more you can get on it the better, the louder the better. Just rev it up like you normally would, you dont have to do it slow or anyway differant. If you can, really get on it.

The final part is the driving part. If you can have someone tape you driving it. If you can floor it and really get on it that would be cool. If you can get about 10-15 minutes total of tape that would be perfect, or if you get more that is cool. We can use anything. If you know anyone with a cool truck like yours or if a buddy wants to help you out make some more tape that way. If you want to get anything else cool on the tape go ahead to, shots of you and your truck, smokin up the tires, or just playin' thats all good too. All in all its pretty easy to do. If you have any other questions let me know.

When you are done send the tape to:

Kevin Anderson
P.O. Box 9022
Erie, PA 16505-8022