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Dec 31, 1969
Okay I am reposting a post Paige made under Save The Desert thread. My purpose is to light some fires in the racing community. Hate me if you will for what I am about to write!

Paige, I don't think a good majority of the race community will wake up until some prime race land is taken away. I think it is a good thing if they shut down the areas listed below in your post. I will be very sad but maybe it will wake racers up! People if you plan to race in the desert in the future then you MUST GET INVOLVED!!!!

Right now I look at the race community as a hole to be a bunch of LAZY POS's!!!! Have I pissed you off? Well only if you are a Lazy POS.... You think I am crazy? Well I am not.. There is a small group of people (C.O.R.D.R) that are fighting for all you racers. We are new on the secne and have received some support but it has been very little in my opinion! We havwe to call, recall and then call again to get people to sponsor our efforts. What is up with that. Hey all you fab shop owners. When they close the desert then you will be out of business! And with our sponsor package we offered not only to fight to keep the deserts open but advertisement... Did any other media that you advertise with offer to fight to keep the desert open? No??? And how much did you pay??? I bet a lot more then the kind of donations we are asking for. And then we have TT teams that help out less then 11 car teams? What is wrong with this picture????!!!!!!!! Any fires started yet? I SURE HOPE SO!!!

If you own a company that hinges on off-roading then you better look for ways to help sponsor the fight. And everyone needs to go to these meetings! This is not a joke. But don't beleive me. Please sit on your lazy azz and watch the desert get closed!

And to all the people that have helped the fight in any capacity I would like to Thank you. You know who you are and you all are tops in my book!!!!!

These are my words and thoughts. I post them as a private individual so if you have any problems with what I have said please direct your complaints to me directly!

This is the post from Pagie:

Folks, this is an e-mail that originated from the Center - their newest aim is seems to to turn Stoddard and Johnson from open to limited use - this is what they want to do as mitigation for the Fort Irwin expanion. If this little campaign of theirs is successful - racing in those two areas will effectively end. This is part of a letter they want to go to senators, i.e. Boxer. As you can see - there is no room to be complacent.... This will be covered in the upcoming management plans for that area - we need people to attend these meetings, the few that do have many other obligations such as work. There is one this coming monday night in Vitorville - if you are able to go, please let us know and we'll give you the information. I have no other information at this time - but as I or one of the others learns more - I'm sure we'll post.

*************************************** To aid tortoise recovery, the land use designation

>in the Johnson and Stoddard Valleys should be changed

>from open to limited use. Motorized vehicles should

>be restricted to designated routes. Route designation

>on desert tortoise critical habitat should be restricted

>by legislation to a maximum of 18 miles per township,

>and a maximum of 24 miles per township in other habitat



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Apr 19, 2001
Very well said Tony. I know I want to race in the dezert in the future, why do you think I take time out from running my business at my own expense to help out in every way possible, from sponsoring to actually picking up the trash myself. Great job, SEE YOU IN BARSTOW!