TT 250 Videos


Funny video from last week when team NOS loses a wheel qualifying (not so funny) and a guy tries to go chasing after it.

A few other videos from that race there as well. All completely raw and unproduced though. The flying spare and blue truck near-endo are pretty interesting.

Also for a laugh can see me driving in circles during qualifying :). Seem to remember doing that a lot in sailboat racing as well ...


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You guys are awesome. Your story of never going 60mph in the dirt and jumping into a TT is what makes the sport great.


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Very cool video. Best of luck this season. This is the ex-Todd Wyllie truck correct?

Mark Newhan

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Cool program. It looks like you have a good outlook on your new found passion. It was said about another new trophy truck team from Chicago who rode down the Baja penninsula on some rancher quads... the next logical step was a trophy truck. lol!

Good luck!


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Blue TT is #56 Kevin McGillivray... great vids by the way!


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Way kewl! Saw you guys at Parker & didn't know who ya were.


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Good vid and Good luck this season!

Got the poster you guys handed out at terrible town up in the room BTW. :D