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TT #57, Mike Palmer and Mikey Childress - Shock Testing with Tom Morris


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Crossfire-Nemesis Racing, Trophy Truck #57, Mike Palmer and Mikey Childress. Testing and Tuning suspension with Tom Morris, in Barstow, CA. I think they got things dialed in quite well.



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Tommy Morris is a master at setting up race cars. He is already signed up to test and shock tune the Ivan Stewart Toyota WHEN EVER I get it finished. Great video showing the behind the scenes stuff.


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Mike Palmer is a great guy he designed and built the truck on his own. He is away from the off-road center being way off in Denver. Everything is a far away and takes time to get. Mike is like no other person I've met in the industry. He works his tail off making a living then some how preps and works on the truck. I really enjoy the time that I get in the truck as it is a blast to drive. Mike and his entire team are such a great group of guys. If you ever get a chance to meet Mike at a race you will understand what I'm talking about. We have been doing a lot of testing with the truck to really fine tune the shocks and put it through the paces. Mike Palmer never has the time as he just stops in Barstow on his way to Baja. We finally have taken the time to really test the truck and get running to it full potential. I look forward the Baja 1000!
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I have tested with several people that know shocks. This was the first time that I tested with Tom Morris and I was really excited about how much knowledge that he shared with myself and the team. He is very detailed in his work before we unloaded the truck he spoke with the entire team and let everyone know what he expected from the everyone. Each time we went out I gave him as much info that I could and let him know what I liked and didn't like. We started way off in left field and I couldn't even drive the truck we removed all the shocks several times and made huge adjustments and really brought that truck to life. We are going back out to the desert pretty soon and we will test in full race trim to prepare for the Baja 1000. Thank you Tom Morris for all the help!!