Tube Bender ?


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Here's the problem I'm having..... I'm bending the bolts that mount the bender to the table. It's a hydro setup using an 8 ton manual HF ram. I've bent the bolts that came with the bender, and bent the new ones today.
The two reasons why I have it mounted so high is 1. the ram needs a little angle to operate 2. The pin that goes into the die won't let the bender close up due to the table being in the way.
Also, the 1.5" .120 wall square tube is not attached to the table. Should I weld it to the table to keep the unit from moving? Or make another solid metal spacer to work in conjuction with the bender supplied spacer?
Should I attempt to find some Grade 8 bolts?
Or would you go about this a different way and how?

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