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tube works / jr


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do not buy from tube works all fiberglass dosnt fit.and there scaming people.they will promis the world to you, but they wont deliver.3 months to get a hood that they said was shiped.they tell you ill send you a free dash to make up the diference. weres the dash 6 manths later.after you send the money they wont accept your calls.ill see them on the dunes somday and i perdict a knock out.


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There is a company in Oceanside that makes glass going by the same name as Tubeworks the rear end company.
not cool to steal a name.
i met Jason, the owner of the axle company tubeworks, out in parker last year. he is a nice guy.
i saw this thread. nice to see a clarification.
Jason doesnt seem like the guy to rip people off.


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The company in question goes by the name of Custom Tube Works. They have been around for just about two years.

These guys are a joke of a company and with their current operating tactics will soon fade away. I just hope it is sooner than later because I hate seeing hard working consumers go through unnecessary hardships.


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I just got ripped off by Brittany at Custom tube works. Order going on four months and excuse, excuse, then no return calls. Beware!!!