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Tubing Donuts


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I am trying to locate what I have heard referred to is tubing donuts. I am looking for 1.25 od, 1.375 od, and 1.5 od thin walled tubing that is bent all away around in a donut, so you can chop it up and have pre-bent radiussed pieces to weld to. Even U-shaped would be okay. Appreciate any help. Ive seen it, so I know it exists, just cant remember where I saw it.


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Sounds like you are talking about prebent header pipe. You can buy u bends. I am not sure if you can buy any bigger bends than that. You can get them from muffler shops or summit
( www.summitracing.com ).

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There's a place in OC somewhere called Allied that sells mandrel bent muffler tube. They are a vendor rather than a muffler shop as I understand it.
SPD in Rancho Cordova is another source for mandrel U &J bends, in both mild steel and various alloys of stainless. They also have a lot of engine head and other flanges, and very nice merge collectors up to 6 tubes.
For S.S. and Aluminum mandrel U &J bends there's always Burns Stainless in the greater LA/OC/SD megalopolis somewhere. Get out yer wallet though...
Finally, JCW also carries mandrel bends in mild steel.


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It was nice to meet you in Laughlin. Check out the link below, I think that is what you are looking for. If you need more, send me a PM or email.

<A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.micksmetalcraft.com/mandrel_bends/mandrel_bends.htm>http://www.micksmetalcraft.com/mandrel_bends/mandrel_bends.htm</A>

or email Ron Covell at covell@cruzio.com I don't think he has a website but I believe he sells them in his catalog. He is a true craftsman in the art of metal shaping and he sells tools and supplies.


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Try the Chassis Shop in Michigan. They have all sorts of great fabrication parts including the donuts you mentioned as well as threaded tubing inserts etcetera. Their web address is http://www.chassisshop.com

Good luck! Will you be coming to San Felipe?

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We originally were planning to, as we have not raced San Felipe yet (each year Laughlin has busted up my vehicle too much to have it ready). Anyway, being from Portland it means taking about 6 days of vacation to come down, prerun, race and drive back. I can handle that, but most of my team mates only get 2 weeks vaction for the year so it would mean that would be the only race we could run this year which would suck. Instead this year we are racing all three VORRA desert races (Yerington, Fallon, and Lovelock) near Reno. Its much closer and will give us more opportunity to develop the car, mainly getting the new suspension working right. Then next year we will do San Felipe and the 500. I still might be coming to those two races this year to crew chief for my freind Ty Godde and or support Nuckles Racing's class 12 as well. Maybe we will see you down there.