Tucson Short Course Race - July 25


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No Friday practice for Dirt

Pits open Saturday, July 25th at 11 am

Dirt Practice on Saturday from 12am to 3pm...

Trophy Karts race during autograph session at 6:45 other divisions race at 8:30

Each division one 6 lap heat race and one 15 lap feature.

All heats pay $50 to win, then full field invert for feature.


Trophy Karts- $50 to enter- race for trophies.
Rhinos race for $100 to win, 75 second and 50 for third.
1470 Trucks race for $150 to win, 100 second, 50 for third.
Desert Buggys race for $200 to win, 150 second and 100 third.
Stadium Buggys race for $250 to win, 200 for second and 125 for third

Entry fees include vehicle and pit pass for driver $100.00, Buggy's $150.00.