tv nite


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CORR pro series racing from Crandon is on Speed tonight at 10pm est, 7pm west coast. there should also be a later broadcast so check your listings if this is too early on the west coast.

what time is off road a-z on??


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730 and 1030 on adelphia...however, oln listings are often wrong, so i'm not getting my hopes up...

7-8pm corr race
8-830 friends premiere (yup, i watch it...i'm not gay)
830-10 i dunno...will and grace and whatever new shows are on nbc..and probably grab some dinner
10-1030 first half of ER premiere
1030 oln, if the right show is on...or back to ER

welcome to my nite, folks...'s good to have a day off.....


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ive got cox cable
7-8 corr on speed 65
8-9 scca pro ralley on speed 65
7:30-8, 10:30-11 offroad a-z on oln 334
good viewing