Tweakers stealing catalytic converter

Crusty Shellback

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People, be on the look out for 4 tweakers from Bakersfield are now in Oxnard stealing catalytic converters.
This morning as I was working on my house windows, I heard a noise out front. Went to see if someone needed help.
Instead I find a silver Chrysler Pacifica Voyager van with 2 tweakers in the front seat and 2 more under my '01 F250 with sazalls cutting off my catalytic converter. Guess I got there just in time as the bailed and left the converter on the ground when I started yelling at them. I slammed one in the door and got a good picture of the back of the van. Called the cops but it probably wont go far.
But the did say the plates were from bakersfield. 4 males in their mid to late 20s. Looked like tweakers.
They are running around oxnard area as of today.

Crusty Shellback

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At my exhaust shop today getting the cat welded back in. Seems I'm number5 today that got hit just at their shop.


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I think I see the plate there..sure hope the PD can use the latest technology to find them and pound them in the head with a blunt object.....damn why are these photos always sooo blurry?
All kidding aside, good to hear you kept the part and got it fixed.


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How much does the cat cost to replace it? If it is under 900 bucks, cops don't care anymore. Not a felony. Thanks Newsome!


The June of 2019 tags is probably a bigger offense than stealing a CAT at this point. The registration penalty (impound?) is worth more to the CHP than the local 5-oh. My CHP buddies always tell me... CA Registration is what pays our salaries ;) The general tickets go to the local city or county where the stop occurs.


jon coleman

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weld a length of muffler hanger stock ( 5/16" pencil rod)on top of exhaust pipe, where ever a sawzall blade can access, blades hit weld, then are ruined, my buddy Andy does them allot for missing cats, ( Andy's muffler, .f 150 cat from dealer in the thousands i bet

Crusty Shellback

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Guy posted in one of my other groups the cat is $2400 from Ford, but they dont carry them anymore.
Magnaflow has them for a grand.
Luckily my exhaust shop was able to weld it back in. $100 bucks.

Blood Eagle

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The plate matches the vehicle which is a 2006 Chrysler Pacifica 3.5 V6. So the plates aren't stolen or anything. But yes 6 months out of date reg is automatic impound. Pretty ballsy for them to be driving it around especially 2 hours from home. But tweakers gonna tweaker.