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Nov 18, 2016
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Ty-D-Up.com Race report #117 #pincheveija

Sitting back after the dust has settled reflecting on another awesome adventure in our favorite place Baja. Our race started great, except for our starting position which we thought would be better after a 5th overall last year. 23rd off the line, ok need to break in the car and the fresh meat in the Co dawg seat, my dad, who last raced in 1981 in class 7. First problem of the race, if we pushed to talk on the radio the car shut off! Well easy fix, turn the radio off. We got in a groove and ended up 13th stage 1 and 4th stage 2. Day 2. Couldn’t figure out the radio problem so just left it in the off position. But now the lead nav won’t work. Oh well at least we have the lowrance gps.... nope I forgot to load day 2. And our chase crew was already half way to BoLA. Well poop, at least we have the road book and the odometer. So we were running great didn’t get lost on stage 1, hailing ass through the San Felipe whoops, finish line in site, then boom, we were coasting. Crap, broke the transmission we are done. Got a tow by the 3 amigos back to San Felipe and started drinking. By the second beer we all agreed that we were not done and hooked the car to the tow strap and headed south to find our chase crew and our awesome transmission builder Johnny Burns, transaxle engineering. He diagnosed we rounded off the splines in the torque converter and he had a spare, we swapped it out in hurricane winds. Day 3. For some reason Norra thought we needed an extra challenge and started us almost dead last. Not fun. Passing slower cars all day we worked out way to 40th stage 1 and 12th stage 2. Then Norra gave us a 39 min speeding penalty which come to find out was a computer error, we didn’t protest, needed to prep the car and sleep for day 4. Day 4. We were running great, flawless day except for a few wrong turns and being run over the front right tire by some weed guys in a spec trophy truck. Stage 1 13th. Stage 2 13th. Day 5. Get her to the finish, which ended up being a challenge. After the start we noticed the alternator doing some weird things, and by the end of the first stage it was not working. Finished 6th stage 1. I didn’t want to give up our position trying to fix the alternator so I just grabbed the jump start box from our chase crew and headed to stage 2. Some games were played at the start and we got shifted back 2 positions. We had a good run going despite having to run with no radio, no gps, no pumper, no radiator fans switching between batteries brought old #pincheveija to the finish line with 6th in stage 2. 5th in class. (Our drinking team got 1st overall) We had an epic adventure and looking forward to the 500. Thanks again to the people of Baja for letting us race through your country.

Mike Diorio


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