Tying the cage and cab together. . .what about when it needs to come apart???


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For those of you that tie the cab and cage together at the A, B, and/or C pillars using dimple died sheetmetal (normally) what do you do if you need to separate the cab and cage (due to damage, update/upgrades, etc.)?

Do you just cut the welds on the plate at the cab and cage?

Maybe a stupid/easy question, but I've never tied the cab/cage together like that before and I'm thinking of doing that on a current project.


jon coleman

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if you need to separate , somthing big happend.usually it is permanent& you just rotobroach old bent skins off, pound back close, & tack on new skins, other wise its your basic implements of destruction.sawz all, ( watch it, a bend roll cage has a Lott of stored energy) plasma, cutting wheels, hammer, bigger hammer.but think ahead when fabbing, if it ever does need removal and for what purpose.


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Removing the old stuff is pretty easy when it gets munched, getting the new stuff on and lined up is the tricky/time consuming part.