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tylers f150 prerunner stolen phx az 11-14-2010


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*******stolen single cab 89 f-150 stolen in phx ,az 11-14-10 *******

stolen in phoenix area around 44th street and thomas last night in between 11 and 8 am this morning. there will be a cash reward for anyone with any info leading to truck. we have the vin number for the truck motor and transmission. here is a list of parts i will post if anyone sees an;ything for sale please let me, TDD, Josh(93tcyota) ryan(dirtfiend602), or brad (esbyota) on here know.truck was in my driveway on the side garage (no garage door) with a truck cover over it and trash cans in front of it. had to of been rolled out of driveway and put on trailer. please PM any of us or give me or tyler a call. (602)-769-4728 or (602)-541-3633

89 regualar cab shortbed f150 army green color no bedsides on it either
threat motorsports beams and radius arms (equal length) along with equal length steering
14" 2.5 BRAND NEW fox shocks on the front with silver coils.
6.0 chevy motor and 4l80e fully built transmission
chrome doug thorley headers
transmission cooler and brand new fox 2.0x4" bump stops were sitting in cab with some misc. stuff too
4 35"x12.5x17 brrand new NON DOT approved general grabbers
4 17" polished method beadlocks
sdhq limit straps and clevis's
brand new fiberwerx fiberglass dash (black)
sparco steering wheel, not sure on which one. was used and had the yellow stripe on the top middle of wheel
mfg sweet disconect steering
custom built traling arms with 4 link setup. cousin built them(see pics above)
BRAND NEW 14" 2.5 fox coilovers (NO coils)
BRAND NEW 16" 2.5 fox tripple bypass
9" currie rear end (with 35"x 12.5 tires on trackwidth was about 83") third member with locker and 4.56 gears

LOTS of money into this truck. not driveable at all so the only thing they could do with it is part it out. so if anyone has any info on these parts for sale please PM me or call
as said above there will be a cash reward for any helpful info.