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Ultra4 compared to Desert Racing


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mx is a All about throttle control, if you have ever raced mc, you know ' standing on it' Does Not Work!!, but driving cars does till you run out of talent, then the cage saves you, mx?, instead of a cage you got terra firma, o_O
We have lost some damn good XC Moto guys over the years. Fast in open country is a skill set with diminishing probabilities.


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This wasnt the direction I was heading, but thats cool.

I do not believe a U4 car is faster than a 4wd TT.

It has been empirically proven that a U4 can be faster than 2wd TTs in multiple occurrences.

Jason Scherer was straight up faster than Luke McMillin on the same dirt 1 day apart.

Casey, Shannon, and I have all finished top 20 overall in BITD and SCORE races. I beat Jesse Jones and Mark Post (Riviera TT) wheel to wheel on a couple stages of Norra with both cars healthy in a solid axle car. And yes, I know its an older truck in an Orange Slice race.

But I was initially talking about when will Ultra4 be recognized as a discipline when talking about Offroad Racing.

Honestly, even I think you need a full generation of drivers to cycle through.

Sidenote, the knock on U4 cars not being strong enough is ridiculous. Using Nicks 4WD TT as a measuring stick is not remotely the same as a top U4 car race prepped to win.

Thanks for the discussion...it passes the time :)

On a completely different note, while the past few weeks have been weird for all of us...the downtime has allowed us to think outside of the box. Big stuff coming ;)
Nick raced his U4 car at the races i was referring too. Not his TT.

What about when the 4400 guys came out with Snore/More last year? Only 5 of the 4400's went faster than a 100ish horsepower 1600 car did. and a 500 hp 2wd buggy was the fastest car on course.

EDIT= To touch on the subject you initally brought up.

Put Erik Miller, or Jason in a TT and lets see how they do. I have a feeling they would be able to podium if the vehicle they raced stayed together.

Shannon has raced class 1 and did okay. In a purpose built 2wd class 1 he would probably podium as well.

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Absolutely U4 should be recognized as a discipline in the Offroad racing discussion on the regular.
I firmly believe that a lot of these TT guys could up their driving game if they spent some time in a U4. In my opinion one of the major things that sets a lot of the top U4 drivers apart from many other drivers in Offroad racing is the fact that the majority of them are very mechanically inclined. Which is something we are losing in all forms of Motorsports, this is a topic that was discussed in the Doc. Fangio as to what is the major difference between the top F1 drivers of the 1950s compared to today’s F1 super stars. The majority of the top U4 guys can and do build their own vehicles, and can repair Just about anything on the car because they have to. The top U4 driver is a different breed than all other Offroad racers in my opinion and given the opportunity I think a Jason scherer, Shannon Campbell, Paul Horschel, Loren Healy etc in a TT would be very competitive and up front. Now go the other way with that scenario put some top TT drivers in a U4 at KOH it would probably be pretty humbling.
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U4 would easily be the vehicle of choice. They all ready do it all as does UTV. Diverse platforms. Masons trucks are the U4s with a few tweaks to go fast in the desert and they keep adding more tweaks. I would like to see one tweaked for the rocks.
If this was on a rock group it would have been included. Rally was left out also. If it was a rally page ya know there top drivers would have been listed. Good drivers with the backing and funding can drive about anything. Which goes back to the fully funded U4 car. How many have the funding??
The multi discipline drivers are showing what they think of U4 by doing KOH and practicing. Not sure how many run other U4 events or put time into practice in the cars. Cam put lots of time in from what i heard.