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Ultra4 San Felipe


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I’m helping to guide some racers from he border to SF were at the military checkpoint






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While wandering up north slowly after NORRA 1000, I came into San Felipe yesterday (Thu). Turns out Ultra4 San Felipe is this weekend, so I decided to stay & photo/video it.

Below are some videos from today (Qualifying):

Ultra4 KOTH (King of the Hammers): Shannon Campbell #5, Qualifying [ '19 Ultra4 SF100, 5/17 Fri ]

Ultra4 KOTH (King of the Hammers): Marcos Gomez #86, Qualifying [ '19 Ultra4 SF100, 5/17 Fri ]

Ultra4 KOTH (King of the Hammers): Craig Behrens #4468 [ '19 Ultra4 SF100, 5/16 Thu ]

Coincidentally, I got an email from a Maine couple THAT morning at 8:30am..who flew into San Felipe in an electric glider. I met them at the NORRA 1000 start in San Felipe, they came in on a motorbike..looking for a trailer (hopefully from NORRA offroad team). They wanted to transport the glider back to El Dorado ranch, so they could do engine work (Porsche Type 4 motor). They are both Stanford Univ grads (Political Science), & are aviation enthusiasts. Part of a niche group of people looking for thermals around the world. I had dinner with them that evening, & we had an intense discussion about Aviation & Aerospace Engineering. See attached pic.

I later went to Pete's Camp, to get shots of sunrise

Ultra4 KOTH (King of the Hammers): sunrise, Pete's Camp [ '19 Ultra4 SF100, 5/17 Fri ]


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