Unethical deal on classifieds. Ad# 90240


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Well it finally happened. After many years of successfully purchasing stuff over the Internet, from people within the off road community, I finally got burnt. I did get my money back, but I am pretty pissed off and I want to out this guy to as many people as I can, so that no one else will fall into his deceitful dealings.

I made a deal with this guy for a complete rear-end, which was a full floater fabricated housing with 40 spline axles, disc brakes, a strange center section and it was 70" WMS to WMS. We made the deal on the 28th. I told him I won't be able to pick it up until the next weekend, so he asked for a deposit of $800. Needless to say, I was a little apprehensive to send somebody $800 that I've never met, nor knew of their reputation. After talking to the guy for a while, I felt comfortable and sent in the $800 via PayPal. He even edited his ad to state "deposit taken, sale pending".

Over the past couple of days I've had several text conversations with him regarding parts on the axle. He even texted me earlier today to say that he would be available on Sunday but not Saturday for the pick up.
At 3:30 today he texted me out of the blue stating:

"Hello, sorry but I have decided to keep the rearend for a new project that came up. I have returned your deposit in full. Sorry again and good luck!"

Total crap! Where I come from a deposit means you are willing to hold up to your end of the deal. I gave him $800. I think I showed my commitment to the deal. Totally pisses me off. I even already ordered some rotors for it. Now I am back to square one. To add to it, I beat on my 8.8 pretty good this weekend, because I knew I was getting a new bulletproof unit this week

Anyway, I just wanted everyone to know, because he has 14 other items for sale right now on race-dezert and I don't want anyone else to deal with this unethical person, who has zero honor.

Rant over



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I feel the same about a deposit, but he did give it back so I wouldn’t be *that* hard on him. Seems like he could have screwed you but didn’t.


jon coleman

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stuff happens, life came and bit me in the a$$, bills, family, landlord crap piling on, was gonna buy a car on internet, looked at , hand shake, no deposit, next day to pick up , shtf, had to back out, gave seller a hundred bucks for trouble, not enough probably, still feel bad about it,seller had three other buyers he had let go, pretty sure it got sold ok, so dont be hard on the guy, easy come , easy go, you got back your 800, so no rear end, no problem, get over it