Uni-body and frame mod close up pictures


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Here is the drivers side leaf spring front end rear mount.

The mount welded to the outer drivers uni-frame and onto a 1/4 inch angle Iron floor pan support.

This also is welded to a outer uni-body angle Iron plate that runns directly under the side panel on the drivers side of the vehicle.

The toe boards and floor boards are 1/4 diamond plating and it is all tied into the uni-frame. SUPER STRONG!

The plating acts as mounts for the leaf spring mounts, as skid plates, and also is tied together to shure up the uni-frame for vibration control and reinforcing strength between the uni-frame and uni-body.

This will keep the uni-frame from warping and or splitting on hard jump and landing impacts.

Here you can see how Nate and I cut back the original torn flat fenders and used a set of drop fenders from a Demil M151A2.

They are stronger and have a special plate on them that ties into the inner fender wall for better support.

Next is a view of the new steel floors we welded in and you can see how nice the ROPS are mounted into the vehicle.

Then we go to the Fuel tank and the new tail lights.

Where this vehicle will be a 12V system we chose to go with some simple tail lights that we found that just fit perfect on in the light bracketts inside the rear fender well.

Then are flush and just slid down in real tight, hence no bolts required.

The Gas tank was a gift from Doc and is offa old military truck of some kind.

It is larger then a original M151 tank and hence hold more fuel.

This also allowed for a larger seating area and more toll storage for the vehicle in place of where the fuel tank used to be.

The tank also sits far enough back to still allow for a rear seat bolted in slightly forward of the original seat position.

Hope everyone enjoyed these Mods and our never ending work on this Project.

Bleddyn, Micki and Nate

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