uniball life span


whats the amount of time a uniball should last on a truck thats not driven hard mostly cruised in the dirt but driven everyday on the pavement? i have the CST upper uniball arms and i put uniballs in the lower arms and all four feel different. the uppers feel pretty rtight and the lowers are a little looser. one actually needs replacing it moves in the cup. i have had these on for less then a year and i thought they would at least last a year.



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Sort of hard to say how long they will last.Even brand new some heims or uniballs are easy to pivot while others are almost impossible.If you let they get bad or dont check them they will rock back and forth and can wiggle around in the cup.I've seen brand new uniballs installed in cups and have a couple thou. of slop enough to slide it back and forth--If you have an arm with this problem,and if CST wont help simple tap the cup for a 10-32 set screw or two, 90 degrees from each other to push the uniball to one side and tighten them down.I had to do this to my radius arm about 6-months ago and there still tight.