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United Prerunners Events


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We currently aren't doing anything. Since we closed the Rialto Offroad Raceway we have gone into business for ourselves and anyone that has done that knows that means most days are 12 hour days and all extra time and funds go to the business. Add to that the fact that we're finsihing up our new home project and are going to be moving in the next few months and there's just no way we can organize anything. We call it a hiatus. Once we get settled we have hopes to resume some events, start monthly excursions, and resume some of the web stuff (features, bi-weekly chats, etc.). You'll hear about it when we get things going again, I'm sure. Till then...


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I think We should do somthing in the near future and have a event. I am currently buying a prerunner right now and it would be cool to take it out and meet people. Hope We can do this some time.