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UNOFFICIAL Laughlin TT Results


Rob Mac was tied with BJ on time at the high school jumps the lap before he had a flat. I was there timing everyone.

Juan Carlos Lopez was my pick for the win today in TT, everyone I was with thought I was crazy. That dude can wheel a TT like no other, with a better starting spot, maybe he can take the win tomorrow. He looked like a seasoned pro out there, that dude can drive! He got a new fan today in me!
my pick was rob mac, seems i was the crazy one --


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Rob mac was flying and making ground on BJ

El Ranas

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This year is going to be the year of Juan Carlos Lopez, he will be playing for the championship of sure, not only to wining some races.......

RFS Motorsports

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Unofficial results for TT is:
Rob Mac
Juan Carlos

J Prich

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The updates have been pretty sparse all weekend. What the heck!


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Typical chicken response...