unread pm showing but i can't read it


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the other day i was using fire fox to view rdc (i never use fire fox) but a pm came through and i tried to read it, i was able to see what it said in my email box (because my pm box is linked to my email) but i haven't been able to read the actual pm and my "notifications" box says "1 unread message" but it doesn't show up in my pm box

hopes this makes sense

thanks for any help in advance


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I have no idea, but I use Fire fox and it works fine for me...


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Is it maybe at the end of your PM box? I know very occasionally a PM will come through and it will be close to the end of my box... worth a shot to check if you haven't already :D


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Mine is doing it now too... It was fine till I got a PM this morning from Pit B.. now the unread indicator is stuck on..

I have mssg's saved from back in 05! I dont want to delete them all!


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Figured it out..

The mssg had been read.. but it was from an account that got deleted. or perma banned? lol

the mssg disappeared, and the date said something from 1969... so I click the box, and selected "Mark as read" and it solved the prob...