UP Jump Championships


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I dont think you need a cage,it doesnt say in the rules but I might be wrong. I'll be there but I am not sure if it will be with the ranger or just watching with the f1. Gonna start cage and install of my cell next week after I get it back from the shop, getting new bj's, seal, bearings, pitman arm, new steering, tie rod adjusters, alignment and snouts welded to the spindals.


Krittro Campbell
are you getting new snouts made? If not do they know what the stock snouts are made of and how to weld it?


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When is it?
Hopefully I can make it.


What A Joke
Just a little inside info:

There will be a beater car class there. So far there are 3 entries that I know of including my self in one car and The King himself in another car.....

Should be a good time.


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Sounds like fun, as of now I have no plans we will see when the time comes.


I've got an 86' Cherokee that might just be perfect for the beater class - anyone know if cages are required at this event?



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We have decided thet cages are NOT required for the jumps. Jen and i also feel the beater guys should only be allowed to hit the smaller jump, its very smooth, but the big one would just be really unsafe in an ill-equipt car. We have also decided that both jumps are open to all trucks, its your decission to hit the big one in what ever you drive.


Jerry Maguire

Do you make the drivers sign a wavier of liability or something similar so that they can't sue you in case of the imaginable?


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Every person through the gate sings a liability form (like moto-x tracks) the drivers sign at least 2 other forms before running. It is the drivers own responsibility to know his limits.