Update Glass Wiring


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I just wanted to check, after putting the 2000 front end on a 1994 ranger, I need the splitter wire in order to connect the two signal lights. Do I need to buy two of the connectors and make them into one, or can I buy the signal wires from a 98 or newer ranger.


Krittro Campbell
Get all the pigtails from the new signals...should be 4 total. Splice into the old signal and run 2 from 1 for each side. I think they share a common ground. Also if you have the 9004 headlights you will have to bore out the 98 headlamp to fit them. The 9006 (I think is the 98 bulb) is wired different then the 9004 so you will no longer have brights if you choose to run the 98 style bulbs (if yours are factory 9004).

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