UPDATE: Todd Denton


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7/15/03 - After speaking with Debbie Holm, wife of Clients Racing co-rider and crew chief Kurt Holm, she tells me that both Todd and Kurt are improving at a better-than-expected rate.

While Kurt continues physical therapy to reduce the pain and stiffness in his neck, Todd has recentley undergone surgery to fuse the C1 and C2 vertebra. Doctors originally thought the C3 vertabra would need to be fused, however, due to Todd's good bone structure, that procedure was not neccessary. Additionally, a plate has been inserted in the back of his neck. Doctors estimate once fully-recovered, Todd may experience a 30-40% loss of mobility in his neck.

Todd's overall condition is improving daily. For over a week he has been communicating to family and friends by writing messages and responses on a tablet of paper. The amount of medication has been reduced, so he is more alert and is asking to be sent home, which is great news!

To further exhibit his mental clarity, Todd is remembering things such as dental appointments that were scheduled previously.

As of today, Todd's brother is researching rehabilitation facilities in Denver and Santa Clara, to determine where Todd will be spending the next two months of his recovery process.

Kurt is busy back in the race shop, having started to disassemble the race car to determine the extent of the damage sustained in the collision.

Please continue to keep Todd, Kurt, their family and friends in your thoughts and prayers.


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Thanks for the update - it is great to hear that both Todd and Kurt are doing well.

I met both Todd and Kurt when I purchased his "old" Jimco 10 car. Can't say enough good things about them.

Was looking forward to seeing Todd racing his new car and hopefully getting back to some more of the SCORE races.

Please send my best to both if you talk to them. I frequently look for info on RDC on their status.

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I thought I would bring this post back up to find out how this fella is going, I dont know the man but I can tell you right now after reading this post my heart was going a million miles an hour, my heart goes out to all the family and friends. it is also a reminder of how careful we must be out there on the track especially with the baja 1000 coming up, keep safe and god bless.


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Thanks for thinking about our friend Todd! Great timing, as I just recieved an update last night.

11/17/03 - Clients Racing team member Ron Christenson is happy to report that Todd is scheduled to be released from Craig Hospital in Denver, CO, in the very near future. As you might imagine, Todd is very anxious to return home to Reno, NV.

Todd continues to progress well, and will be furthering his rehab at U.C. San Francisco.

Thank you for keeping Todd in your thoughts. The support from the off-road coimmunity has been very appreciated by the entire Clients Racing famly.