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Updated CA School Enrollment Info


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Just an update for those interested in one of the many classes offered at the CA Wizard Schools facility. The Sandrail and Prerunner classes start all of the time and are constantly enrolling. A new team starts every time 6 people enroll. This makes it nice because it cuts down on the time students have to wait before they start. That’s part of the reason for the move to the massive 38,000sq.ft. building, so that lots of teams can be accommodated at the same time.

Anyone interested in the Build Your Own program can start at any time. Since you work by yourself, you can pick your own start date.

SCORE Trophy Truck 101 classes have a little more complex scheduling due to the class being a full year long. Anyone interested please call (951) 683-4199 to find out when the next Trophy Truck class starts.