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Upgrades or Blasphemy


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Love the usage of the swing press (dead blow hammer) I see you have the wipers & windshield also

My master did the same thing! My tool of choice was a POS screw Jack out of a brand new 84 Bronco sitting in the wrong place at the right time it served it's life's purpose well by getting its base welded to the upper shock loop thus allowing us to give it a crank at every pit stop when the brake pedal got two far away from my foot
pure brilliance. Adjustable master support bracket... I like the windshield, we run open face, it helps.


I like the windshield, we run open face, it helps.
I hope you keep a couple pairs of goggles in the truck in case you have to kick out the windshield. One big rock (or branch) is all it takes. Then once you've kicked the windshield out you'll have 1000's of splinters of that damn safety glass blowing right into your face. Backup Goggles + Dust Mask are must haves in a windshield equipped vehicle. And they come in handly for walking around BoLA too!



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copy that..we are prepared.


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looking great! As you know we fell out of Pioneer class favor as well because of several ci's but we will be fine in Legends - just means less to change now that Legends is the old Pioneer..


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So I was fortunate enough to pick up a cool piece a few years back from Matt Parks, and the Beer Hauler has been an incredible race truck for me racing NORRA the last 3 years, and with a great chase team full of talented people we finished each year and managed 3 wins in our 2wd Pioneer Truck class. The truck was a prerunner in its previous life, built by Randy LaFortune it is believed. We run stock leaf suspension, with triple Fox 2.0's on each corner, also run a 1 ton beam setup, a well built 70's styled truck. Matt Parks documented its incredible re-build on RDC, and I fell in love with it.

This year we see quite a few rule changes and find ourselves not able to race this class.
Shocks come through the bed, which is no longer allowed.
full floater rear end, not allowed.
a 427 motor(12 cubic inches over the limit of 415 Ci)

This places us either in Challenger or Vintage Open w/Rear leaf.

Challenger would be cool, but we are running now against trucks that are allowed coil-overs up front, wider than stock beams, and longer radius arms. Leaf springs can be quarter elliptical or dual shackle, links allowed but no rear coilovers.

Vintage Open is our other option, but Shock packages are unlimited, rear leafs must remain, with 2 links as an option.

My dilemma is this. Should this truck be left as it was rebuilt by Matt Parks, or should I upgrade it. If I leave it I don't believe we will be competitive with either Challenger or Vintage Open/Rear leaf. I know it is not Big Oly or Scoops old F100, but it is a piece of history in part as it was originally built in the 70's by people who knew what they were doing.

After talking with John at Autofab I am leaning on his front end upgrade. Taller spring buckets, 2" extended beam brackets and an equal length swing steering system that will really help the stock steering setup I run currently. This will allow for either twin 2 or 2.5 monotubes or a single 2.5 Coil Over.

another question is what to do with the rear end. We can add larger shocks and track bars which are also available from Autofab.

all opinions welcome and wanted..
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Noooo don't leave Pioneer... we were planning on beating you this year! Ha


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Hers a picture of a picture of my truck circa 1981 you know the story I wished like hell I still had it to run NORRA
I copied coco corral' s truck to the letter at the ripe age of 20 the locals thought I was possessed burning around town raising hell (and alot of tire smoke) even though it was street legal & insured the local sheriff thought otherwise many times! (It helps when your uncle was the judge @the time)
Yes that's a windshield & wipers with water hosesView attachment 207170
That's an awesome looking rig!

Todd Z.