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US and Mexican Insurance?


Hey guys,

I live in San Diego and my girlfriend is down in Ensenada. We go back and forth all the time and have SENTRI. I have USAA for insurance, but always have to buy Mexican insurance online by the day. This was fine when I first started going down years ago just for a few days at a time to watch the 1000, but now that I'm going down once or twice a week, it's getting old (and expensive!). My girlfriend's Mexican car insurance covers her in Mexico and the US. USAA doesn't do the same for me in reverse. I'm ready to change insurance companies.

I found this article that discusses various US companies and how they insure their clients in Mexico, but it sounds like all they do is connect you to a Mexican partner company so you can buy a second policy through them.

Is there a company out there that can insure my US vehicles in both countries with one bill/policy? Bonus points if they'll also insure a Lotus (though I don't plan to drive that one to Mexico! 😬 ).

Thanks guys!!


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We have it through Allstate our US coverage will cover 75 miles south with very little liability coverage. We get an additional Policy through Bajabound for the year.