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Use off a steel spool on the street


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Well my questions are:
Can I use a spool on a Daily Driver??
Do some one of you have use or heard about MARK WILIAMS products (Drag Racing Axles, Spools, etc)??
Do you have other type off axles, spools and stuff, of this prices:
Master line street/ strip axles 35 spline $ 295.00
Master Line 35 spline steel spool $ 189.00
4.11 Ford 9” Gear set $ 133.00
4.56 Ford 9” Gear Set $ 133.00
Installation Ford 9” kit $ 98.40

It have other type of goodies for the 9”, I think that his prices are Ok, unless you can give a better price for them an of this type of materials??

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Yes you can! But if you drive it on the street, you'll tear up tires in a hurry, break stock axles and make every moving part in the rear end wear out at least 100 times faster than normal. Not recommended!

If you need the traction, go to some sort of lockING rear end. There are several makes and the boys (or girls) here should have some good recommendations.


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Mark Williams is by far the best quality rear-end products on the market. I just put a new axle in my truck and it has a spool, it kinda sucks driving through parking lots but other wise you wouldn't know its there. A Detroit Locker is probably the very best LSD on the market. If you do use a spool and big tires make sure you get at least 35 spline axles.



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My neighbors son drove his 65 Mustang with a spool on the street the day after going to the NHRA Drags at Famoso. The spool twisted and warped his axles, due to no diff on the street. He had to go to Pic A Part and find replacements. If you are going to run a spool on the street, better invest in some aftermarket axles. Mike
If it was my daily driver I would put a LSD in it my friend has an auburn locker with a 120K mi on it not too bad, and he abuses the crap out of it, greg is right spools make the rear end hop at low speeds while turning. I have no experience with spools it but it sounds like it could get annoying.....But if your going to do it you have all the right parts.


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Guys, I am in the market for a ring and pinion right now. (Wannabe Prerunner Ranger - Ford 9") Prices listed in earlier post are pretty competitive. Could someone provide the contact info for "Mark Williams". Thanks in advance!

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Mark Wiliams is 303-665-6901 or <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.markwilliams.com>www.markwilliams.com</A>. You guys may think im crazy but a Dana 60 might be a good choice for those on a budget looking for a bullet-proof axle. they generally have much bigger axle shafts and brakes than a 9" and contrary to popular belief only weigh about 30 lbs more that a gusseted 9".