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My wife and I want to make a run from barstow to primm aka Whiskey Pete’s Hotel Casino. We have a stock car 2019 xp4 turbo S, does the stock tank hold enough fuel ? Is it possible to make the trip purely off road or do we have to occasionally drive on city roads. Also any tips or spare parts we should bring ?


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That road is just a powerline road so you have to be street legal.

sand shark

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It depends on how fast you go and where you are startng from. Keep it in the 40-55mph range and fuel mileage is decent.

We start at Slash X and stop in Yermo for gas. From there you can make it on one tank no problem. If you are concerned you can also pull into Baker to get fuel. You have to go across a dry lake bed to get into Baker.

It is fun ride. I would suggest you make it a 3 day trip. One day going, second day hanging out and riding to Pioneer Saloon and third day head back. A group of us did that in March and it was perfect. The year before we went up one day and returned the next day. It made for a very quick trip and no down time.