UTV & Moto Rally Navigation Training in BAJA


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Nov 20, 2017
Ensenada, Baja CA Mexico
Spring 2019 Rally School Open NOW
Mar 1-3 April 5-7 May 3-5

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*Prepare to Race Any Rally on The Planet
*Limited to 5 Students Per Session
*Learn RALLY COMP Compliance and Never Caught Off Guard
*Safe Training Environment on Private Property with Permits
*Go from "Zero to Hero" in 3 Days
*3rd Year of Baja Rally School Starts in 2019
*Only 2 Dates Offered

There's a handful of respectable training programs offered by instructors in North America and they are all very good. BAJA RALLY SCHOOL's 3-day academy is the most intensive and personalized rally-raid training program offered to the public. It's not very inexpensive for a reason.


You must have the minimum requirements: Proper off road bike with 80 miles of Fuel range, roadbook reader, ICO or equivalent ODO. Power source for Rally Comp cable. (can be connected directly to battery)
Not for inexperienced off road riders, not an off road training course.

All inclusive:
*5 Stage roadbooks on custom training routes on private, locked ranch
*6 Hours of classroom coursework
*30 Page workbook binder with study and reference material
*Rally Comp Proficiency Exam
*Rally Comp Device (no cost rental includes cable, buzzer, antenna-everything)
*Hotel San Nicolas Thursday Night
*All food & meals from beginning of class to end
*No cost tent camping 2 nights at Pacific Base Camp and Remote Training Center
*Certificate of Completion - for successful grads
*Limited edition embroidered Flexfit Cap

Not included:
Fuel, alcohol, vehicle/ motorcycle, navigation gear, participation trophy

*2 Rally Equipped rental bikes available through local third party for $750 on the April dates only

Dakar fever has infected every off-road bike and UTV fan in North America and rally navigation training is in demand. Top desert racers Skyler Howes, Colton Udall, Ray DalSoglio, and Josear Carrasco all made the transition last year and following Ricky Brabec's path into rally racing careers. But it's not just for the fast guys.

BAJA RALLY SCHOOL is now open with very space at our specialized training academy on private property in Baja CA. The entry level course offered for Spring 2019 is Immersion Into Rally Raid.


MAY 3-5

There's a handful training programs offered by instructors in North America and they are all very good. BAJA RALLY SCHOOL's 3-day academy is the most intensive and personalized rally-raid training program in the world.


Day 1 kicks off the 3-day course with 6-hours of classroom study on Friday with workbooks and road book marking exercises starting with the RALLY COMP practice quiz.

Day 1 ends with the first practice stage reading and navigating with road books and RALLY COMP. Trainees camp in tents on a private property bivouac in a locked-down oceanfront compound.

Day 2 is a full day of navigating 3 unique stage routes, each getting progressively harder with each step and your trainers will work with you through your challenges. You will be challenged (and tired) by the end of Saturday, ready for dinner and rest at our secluded ranch on protected gated property. You'll be tested on Sunday and unassisted with the Final Exam Stage of 74KM so Saturday evening ends with road book marking prep. At this stage in the program trainees don't receive any tips or coaching advice to preventing the small navigation mistakes that EVERY SINGLE STUDENT has already made on the final. Here we have recreated the situations and actually simulating rally event scenarios in a controlled environment.


Day 3 Starts early Sunday morning with breakfast at the remote training center and final preparations for the graded final exam stage of 74km. This stage takes 3 hours and is challenging even for more experienced navigators. There are twists and turns both on and off the stage route that will test the trainee's attention to detail, physical and mental coordination and psychological aspects of managing a successful rally stage- everything from roadbook and equipment prep to managing nutrition and recovery to theoretical strategies. This is part of the learning process instills discipline and good habits in rally racers of all levels.


After the successful completion of the final exam with trainees reaching the Arrival of Special Stage 5, the celebration begins with graduates' exchanging stories forging a lifetime of memories about a shared adventure and the elation of overcoming unknown obstacles and challenges along the way.

Around 2:00PM Sunday the trainees convoy from the training center back to Ensenada for the semi-formal graduation "white-cap" ceremony where grads receive their "Certificate of Completion" and limited edition official BAJA RALLY SCHOOL hat.

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