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UTV Race Radio


A 110w radio with the antenna mounted poorly may work worse than a 50w radio with an optimized antenna mounting location. Assuming the weight difference isn't of concern the remaining problems with the larger radio will be the space required to mount it AND having enough battery to power it. If you can cover those two issues the higher output radio will always be better for Baja.



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The kenwood 50 watt is the best choice for a UTV. I was thinking of installing a 110 watt in our X3, but really it’s not worth the space. A 50 watt can put out close to a 110. Double the wattage doesn’t even close to mean double the range. The antenna is the key. Tune it correctly for the frequency with a SWR meter and you will be amazed even what a 5 watt radio can do.

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harleys dad

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I have a 110 in my truck and a 50 in both my rzrs, so far I have been able to reach where I want with the 50w


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My PCI Elite package worked great. Was able to reach my buddies all day. One time they were down close to San Quintin while I was in Colonet.

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