v.i.o in car cam owners


Vincent Benedict
any pics of how you mount the recorder boxes?

I'm thinking of making some stand off mounts with a strip of foam and a few zip ties. any cooler ideas?



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The canvas pouch is an option and works great for us. I think it is about $20. You can also use a RAM mount to mount it. Check out http://www.bikebling.com/ in Escondido, CA . for the best deal on cameras and accessories.


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If you get the power adapter that hooks it up to vehicle power, then you can use a regular 1/4-20 mounting screw like any camera. When I was just using batteries I cut a piece of thin wall tube in half and zip tied the recorder into it like a cradle, but with the power adapter there is a big hump on the back for the wire and it doesn't fit nicely in there any more.

Wild bill

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Kartek sells a set of rubber mounts that are used to mount shock reseviors. These mounts are about the same radius as the back of the recorder. Buy a set of them and use zip ties to a roll cage tube.


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Lots of great ideas so far!

I found this other version of the "canvas pouch" that is made so you can see the screen and the buttons and not have to pull the deck out of the pouch. That's the good news - the not so good news is the price $89.00 - but after dealing with the open/close open/close, etc whenever I want to check the settings, or the view - it started to be worth the price. So I went for it and have to say - it's awesome, and should have been what VIO made for us from the start - imo

Here is a link to where you can buy it - and a picture of what it looks like-


The POV1 Race Case is designed to protect your POV1 recording unit. It also comes with extra long velcro straps that can be cut to suit so that you can securely mount the recording unit in a variety of locations.