V2R: A Cry For Help!


Bacon Lover
Anyone going to be in Vegas on Tuesday?

I feel like I'm stuck in a Top Gear challenge. And at the moment that's not a good thing. Mechanically the truck is good. We've driven it. Everything works and it handles well. The problem is we still have a lot of the little annoying things left to do to pass inspection and less than 24 hours to get it done. Things like attach the amber and blue lights, secure the parker pumper, complete the front bumper, wire in the gps, etc. All the little things that take time and need to be done. If anyone out there would be willing to meet up with us and help us finish the little things, it would be huge. Please let me know.


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Wow! So you'd need help on Tuesday. We won't arrive until late tuesday. we have to work on Tuesday. I'll see if Dan has some time on Wednesday before we head to Beatty.


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i can come and help you when you get in town i will PM you my number if the help is still needed