V2R/Darkhorse Project


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I want to share this with the RDC Community , I’ve actually been a member since 2006, just couldn’t remember my login . This year I am soloing V2R in the Ironman amateur M/C class . I’m a Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Army and have partnered with the Darkhorse Project , which is a veteran based non-profit agency for this years race . I have started an online Pledgeit Campgain to benefit Veterens from the GWOT , to enable them to participate in activities they wouldn’t normally be able to do . Please check out my bio and what the Darkhorse Project is all about at the link below . Every single penny donated goes directly to the Darkhorse Project and the activities and services they provide . I’m paying all my own race fees and associates costs and wanted to do something positive for a great non-profit agency . Check the link out , completely tax deductible. Thank you for your time !
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-Dustin Ashe-Everest