V8 Swap for Toyota Pickup


I am weighing the options on motor swaps for 95 toyota pickup 4x with a 3.slow v6. I currently have gen 2 caddy and deavers with bypasses in the rear and am trying now to increase the power plant.

Has anyone ever dropped the 4.2 liter tundra or equivalent 3UZFE into this truck running long travel suspension? I know alot of guys do that swap for crawlers but they are typically not restricted by long travel socks etc. I would like to do this swap do the availability and being able to transfer everything from a tundra over to the pickup, transmission computer etc.

I know alot of guys do the 3.4 v6 swap from the tacomas which is strait forward and plenty of kits out there. But i am gonna have a hard time bringing myself to buy a 2000$ supercharger to get the hp i want. would rather do the v8 if i can.

Would like your opinions on what you think the best bang for your buck is.


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First off, the tundra motor is the 2uz-fe and is 4.7 liters. I swapped the tundra motor into my T100 and was pleased with the power gain compared to the stock 3.4. The v8 motor is physically larger than most other V8 options, primarily because of the overhead cams.

As long as you retain the entire tundra wire harness the swap is relatively easy. When doing my swap I came across lextreme, which is a forum board dedicated to the 1-3uz motors. Although, most on lextreme are experts with the lexus 1uz, no one really had dealt with the stock 2uz motor or electronics.

If you need to make the truck cali street legal, I suggest finding a totaled tundra that still runs and has everything you need, otherwise you will be constanly gathering parts.

Good luck