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Vandalism in Parker


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Posting this here because I know so many people on this board have homes in the Parker area. At some time in the past week my Aunt's house was broken into and severly vandalized. They came in, urinated all over the entire house including the furniture, dumped tons of whip cream and BBQ sauce all over the inside of the house, spray painted satanic messages and swastikas all over the granite counter tops, walls, and appliances. The also spray painted on the big glass windows the face the water.

Her house has literally been destroyed and there might not be much left to salvage from it. She got a call from the neighbors. Her house is just a couple miles out of town up river from the Bluewater and her place is in the same neighborhood that many of the Wilson Motorsports families have homes. I don't know what other homes in the area have been hit, but my aunt was told that these guys got 5 or 6 other houses around Parker.

Please pass this along to people you know out there to keep a lookout. One of the messages they spray painted in the house suggests that these guys were upset about somebody making phone calls to their girlfriend. That is really the only motive or clue that anybody can come up with and it has nothing to do with my Aunt or my cousins that also use the house.

Spread the word, thanks.


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I have a house there as well. Made some calls and it apperas it was about 8 houses so far that were damaged / robbed / etc that people have noticed. Some of the permanant residents are checking on other places to see if they were also hit. Was told that this is way out of the oridinary for the area so it does seem strange as to what ocurred there. Very sorry for our friends and neighbors that have been hit by this crap.


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thats too bad. i was just at badenochs the other day, heard some talk about that as well. really sucks that it happens to people who come to parker for a get away from the city. bad part is it may get worse thru the summer times.


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If you can post some pictures...it may familiarize some of us locals on similar thing we've seen vandalized in the area. Two of my close high school buds are town cops and they may be able to recognize it from previous run ins? Sorry to hear and will keep my ear of the ground.


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I hope if someone finds them or they get caught, that they "fall" a few times on the way to the car.
Do you know exactly how far up river? Curious if still on reservation or not, this is the first I've heard of it, will keep an eye out. Sorry about all the damages. Any pics of particular symbols would help.


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With both Satanic and Swastikas, and the damage done with theft, my guess is dumb a$$ teens. Joy ride the T-rex, probably drank some alcohol, and called it 'fun'. Hope they get caught by some property owners before they get turned over to the cops. Maybe a little tune-up is in order?


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Sorry, I have seen the pictures but don't have them to post. My Aunt and cousins spent the weekend out there and got the house back to being in pretty good shape. My idea was also dumb local teens. Especially with the giant penises the spray painted everywhere as well.


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was out this weekend to check on friends and neighbors. Just so sad what happeend. Some other friends close by had heard that this had also happened up river and the Police may have a line on who it could be. Hopefully they drag their ass through the gravel!


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T Rex Found
1 dirtbag caught.
looking for 2 more dirtbags
Excellent news! A few weeks ago my aunt, mom, and cousins all went out and were able to clean everything up in my aunts house and my cousins are out enjoying it this weekend.

I don't know how far up river it got. My parents are full time residents in Havasu Springs now and there are no reports of vandalism there.
The T Rex owners are friends of mine. The pics I saw of it when found seemed like the assholes painted it black to try and hide it. When taken it had a very custom paint job.

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