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Vaya con Dios


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I can’t find the words today. I don’t know how to start this post, end it or even process today.

Roger Lord has passed away. Roger has been a part of the PCI Race Radios family for almost two decades in some fashion and the past 5 years in our office as a sales person, but more importantly as a mentor and a friend.

We are all in shock, he had such a great time at NORRA just over a week ago and it’s difficult to process he won’t be coming back to hang out with us anymore. Roger loved coming to work, we loved having him there.

Our deepest condolences to his wife Janis, our thoughts and prayers are with you. I am so very thankful for the years of dedication Roger has put in at PCI, how much he has taught me and the entire team and for choosing to share his wisdom, knowledge and time with us.

You will be deeply missed Roger. Vaya Con Dios my friend.



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I only got to work with Roger for over a year but he was the reason all our communications equipment was purchases from PCI. He took care of his customers. Fly High and Fast over the Woops my friend..


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With a aching heart and my mind spinning I write about my good friend Roger Lord's passing. Janis I am so sorry for your loss. I was lucky to spend a week with Roger racing the Norra Mexican 1000 and we were sharing race stories Tuesday and reminiscing about our adventures in Baja. Roger met so many people he talked to and helped at PCI at the event and he was so proud that his team conquered Baja and finished the Mexican 1000.

Vaya Con Dios Roger and our thoughts, prayers, and hugs are with you Janis.


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RIP to a good guy and our thoughts and prayers to his family and the PCI family...


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So sad to hear. My dad built his dock last year and he helped us get all of our safety gear updated for the next year. He was a great ambassador for PCI and he will be missed.


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That is a big shock, very sad news, Roger was a great guy I have known since the early 80s and he always had a smile on his face. We will miss Roger ...everyone loved him.... and for good reason.
Our prayers go out to Janis Lord.
God Bless you Roger, RIP buddy

El Mamito USMC

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Baja Jim

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1st, my thoughts and prayers go out to Janis. I am sitting here so sad for Janis. Roger was a special human being. He was a 100 MPH all day every day. I was in Cabo last week after the Norra race and saw the PCI Totorhome heading to Cabo and thought I may get a chance to hook up with Roger.

We have know each other from my 1st off road race as a co-driver. Roger road with me in the Dust to Glory 1000 and I pitted for him when he raced his 5 car. For all that knew him, I can't believe you would ever find anyone who had a bad word to say. He was the best of the best.

He loved his wife, he love life and was a great friend to so many!

I have great story to share. If you ever road with Roger he was a little out of control behind the wheel. He got is 5 Open car and decided to race Parker about 2004 we were pitting for him. FYI he was soloing it in a 5 car. After 390 miles he has a huge lead maybe 45 minutes. So with that kind of lead and a full bladder he can't hold it any longer and pulls over to relieve himself. Our teammate goes by in a different class and not 3 minutes later rolls the car. Roger by then is back on his way to victory but sees our friend upside down. Being the true friend / teammate and sportsman he stops again to helps him pull the car over and with this act hurts his car. He get it going only to loos the race by seconds. The joke after was Roger Pissed Away the Parker 425 Win. "Had he not stopped to PEE" But he would never leave a friend behind!

Roger Loved Life, Loved Racing and Loved his Wife!

I am lucky to be able to call him a friend!

Rest in Peace Roger

Rich Roberts

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That is a great story Jim. I only knew Roger through business dealings but am not surprised by his kindness you speak of. RIP Roger.


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I just got the news over the phone and thought I would check here..Really heartbreaking news to get for such a nice person. I often spoke with him over the phone and what a pleasant and positive person he was to speak with. We often saw each other at the Lucas oil show in Pomona each year and as our feet would hurt from standing all day we would go and take 2-5 min breaks testing out cool seats and just shot the breeze and chat. Of course 30 Sec into the testing out the new seats we would get a wave of customer walking by and we would spring into action and go chat it up with them.

Feeling a great deal of sorrow for his family at home and his family at PCI.

I am really glad I was able to know you, work with you, test out new seats with you.


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WOW! I just met Roger this past weekend at NORRA as he introduced himself at the awards and asked if he could sit at our table. We had a good talk and exchanged some race stories. I didn't put 2 and 2 together until seeing his picture. Wow, what a shock! GodSpeed Roger and condolences to Janis....


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I haven't checked with this site in awhile. So I saw this post regarding Roger. I bought Rogers 5 car that Baja Jim mentioned in his story. When I met Roger and purchased his 5 car he told me the Parker 425 story. Roger telling it is exactly as Baja Jim said it was, since that time we remained close friends and as many have mentioned Roger was always there helping me with my new 5 car in many ways. Roger was a true friend and will be missed. I extend my condolences to Janis, R.I.P Roger.


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Wow..... Life is unpredictable to say the least.

Roger - After working beside you and just being in awe at your knowledge of product, and drive to make things better, it felt like a huge punch in the stomach to learn that you will no longer be on the other end of our parts calls now. Can't believe that we just shared our Norra stories just the other day at the finish line in Cabo where I had finally got to meet your wife for the first time. I hope you are surrounded by those who needed you most, and we will always know you will be looking down and watching over us every time we throw a leg over to moto the peninsula.

Vaya con dois amigo - Keep that Manx clean up there, I'll go for a ride in it with ya some day