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VDC-II: Vildosola’s PreRunner

Every so often budget and vision come together and create something that is just plain awesome. When the Vildósola’s decided to build a new pre-runner, they didn’t just go buy someone else’s idea of one. They built their own ultimate pre-runner. Wrapped in carbon fiber with amazing attention to detail, the VDC-II is a perfect balance between function and aesthetics.

The new VDC-II (Vildosola-Dave-Clark-2) design is an improved version of their current VDC-I Trophy-Truck design. According to builder Dave Clark, this truck is full of sensors to get data for their new Trophy truck that is currently being built.

See the full feature here --> VDC-II: Vildosola's PreRunner - race-deZert.com



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Beautiful truck. You should fix the article where it says it has 3 Sparco seats.

Chris Tobin

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Amazing truck!!!


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Wowzers.....and new TT?


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glad to see they thought to include a locking gas cap, you know, in case they have to park the truck in a bad area

PDANK Racing

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Any idea what the line running to the shock is? Temp sensor?


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In the write up it says this truck is a prototype for the new TT only this truck has many sensors on it for data acquisition.