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I have heard from numerous sources today that Johnny Campbells partner Tim Staab is in a medical induced coma in Las Vegas after a bad crash at the Vegas 200.. I think we need to all keep Tim in our prayers and pray for a full recovery.

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Defending series champions Johnny Campbell and Tim Staab were running a strong third on their American Honda CRF450R but DNFed after Staab crashed and was knocked unconscious. He was taken to the hospital with a suspected concussion and possible dislocated shoulder.

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Tim Staab medical update

2001-12-02 -- Tim Staab, 23, co-driver with Johnny Campbell and winners of the Baja 1000, is in crititical but stable condition at the University Medical Center in Las Vegas following an accident in the BITD Las Vegas 200 yesterday.

Staab is currently in the critical care ICU of the University Medical Center, one of the top trauma facilities in the Western United States. According to Dr. Frederick Lippmann, BITD medical director, and staff member of UMC, Tim Staab has massive head injuries in addition to a dislocated left shoulder. He was unconscious upon arrival at the hospital, initial tests indicated no swelling of the brain, but he was placed in a medically induced coma pending further tests.

Further tests today indicate that there is swelling to the brain. The tests also found some bleeding in the brain, this is more life threatening than the swelling. The doctors have started treating him with steroids to reduce the swelling.

The Honda Racing driver had taken over from his team mate and was on the first of two laps when at the seven mile mark, he hit a loose rock and was thrown over handle bars of his bike. He was in second place in the overall at the time. The third and fourth place drivers immediately stopped to lend assistance. The BITD medical team was on the scene within five minutes and stabilized the unconscious Staab, He was transported to University Medical Center by medical helicopter and arrived within 15 minutes of his accident.

This is remarkable response time for any medical team, even more so for one that has to work over the large area of a desert race. When the BITD medical team arrived at the scene, Staab was unconscious, with slow heart rate and shallow breathing. The quick response of the medical team is responsible for Staab being alive when he reached the medical center. At any other event, other than CART or SCCA, it is unlikely that he would have made it to the hospital alive.

Staab's family and his personal friend and team mate, Johnny Campbell are at the hospital with him. Campbell and the Honda Racing team asked that thoughts and prayers be with Tim Staab at this time. They request that there be no calls, flowers or cards be sent to the medical center at this time. An address will be forthcoming where these may be sent. will have more updates as they are available. staff thoughts are with Tim Staab, his family and friends.

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Not to change the subject or make light. However, The article mentioned that the EMS got there within 5 minutes. That's outstanding!! =) I remember when I was a firefighter for CDF, we often has a response time well over 5 min, and we were on pavement, knowing exactly where we were going. Hats off to BITD, and the EMS team for saving Tim's life. Godspeed his recovery.


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Tim Staab medical update 2001-12-08

2001-12-08 -- Off-road Honda rider, Tim Staab remains in an induced coma at University Medical Center in Las Vegas following his accident at the Las Vegas 200 in Jean, Nevada. On Saturday, December 1, Staab hit a loose rock leading to a serious head injury to the veteran racer.

Staab and partner, Johnny Campbell won both of the longest races in 2000 -- the Nevada 2000 and the Baja 2000. In 2001, they repeated their accomplishment at the Baja 1000. They won their class championships in Best in the Desert and SCORE International last year.

This year, the final BITD event showed the two of them trailing Jonah Street and Steve Helgeveld for the BITD Open Pro Motorcycle class championship. Staab and Campbell knew they had to finish in the top five and beat Street and Helgeveld by two positions.

At the time of the accident, shortly after taking over the Honda from teammate, Campbell, Staab was sitting second overall and second in class. When the accident happened, the first person on the scene was fellow rider David Fry (at the time third overall) and fourth overall Doug Chiapuzio arrived shortly after Fry. Within a few mintues, the BITD Medical Coordinator, Owen Palmer Jr. (OJ) arrived and immediately called for the airlift and the BITD Medical Director, Dr. Frederick Lippmann. Within minutes, Staab was airlifted to University Medical Center.

The swelling in Staab's head has stabilized; however, he remains in a medically induced coma under further observations. He is still listed in critical condition but stable at this time. No further word has been received on the bleeding that was previously reported.

We, at, will continue to monitor Staab's progress and will keep him and his family in our thoughts.

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And again another update on Tim from -- Honda rider, Tim Staab, remains in critical condition at the University Medical Center in the neuro trauma ICU following his accident at the Best in the Desert Las Vegas 200 on December 1st.

Statement released yesterday, December 10, by Johnny Campbell expreses the concern of all in the racing community. It was written on behalf of Staab's family and the American Honda team. Campbell and Staab have won events including the Nevada 2000 and Baja 2000 last year as well as the Baja 1000 this year.

Campbell's statement:

To All The Friend and Fans of Tim Staab:

For those of you that don't know, Tim suffered a severe blow to the head during a crash while competing in the Las Vegas 200. At this time, Tim is listed in critical condition at the UMC Trauma Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Staab family would like to extend their sincere thanks to all the friends and fans of Tim's who have sent cards, e-mailed, telephoned and visited the UMC trauma Center in Las Vegas.

This is proving to be a very difficult time for the family and we wanted you all to know that we greatly appreciate each and everyone of you for thinking of Tim.

Many messages and your prayers are reaching us. We are all praying together for Tim's ultimate recovery.

On behalf of the Staab Family

Johnny & TJ