Vegas to Reno and Your Safety:


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Nov 28, 2006
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Las Vegas / Nevada
My team and I are doing our best to plan for every thing that can happen along this race. With the first Vegas to Reno being my first off road race ever in 1996, I have gotten to witness some amazing things over the years.

We have 35 volunteers that will be working this race. In addition to each Pit having medical teams, we will have crews at the start, finish and following along with lead bikes, lead trucks and a sweep medic following the trailing vehicles.

We will have extra volunteers at the Tonopah finish line handing out cold water and cold washcloths as you get to the BITD Box Van. We will try and get you cooling down. If it is worse than that we will have medics, nurses and our doctor at the finish line as well.

We will have staff in our medical trailer all night long. If racers or crew have any issues, we will have staff on site all night long until the last race car leaves Saturday morning. The trailer is blue and white and will be right next to the BITD Box Van. It says Motorsports Safety Solutions on all sides of it.

Tonopah has a volunteer ambulance and fire department. There is zero medical facilities in the town. If you have a medical issue come and get us or call on the BITD channel which we will monitor throughout the night. We will be prepared for as much as we possibly can medically.

Lastly, I just came back from Tonopah from dropping off our medical trailer and getting a pallet of water for racers. Along the drive up and back, I was run off the road 3 times by people passing on the narrow two lane roads. In one case a small compact car with a family went at me head on causing me to ditch into the soft shoulder while towing a 12000lb trailer. Please take your time traveling between the pits. Know you abilities, expect the unexpected and always be looking for your best option to avoid an accident on the road.

Maybe it is my advancing age,

Maybe it is visiting way to many friends in the hospital over the years,

Or maybe it is the last 24 years of having to tell a loved one there is nothing more we could do and we are sorry for their loss.

When we finish this race in Dayton and attend the awards Sunday morning, I really want the racing to be what we all remember. I don't ever want it to me the injury or loss of a member of our sport that becomes the reason we remember any race. At the end of the day, it is JUST a race.

And I hope everyone has an amazing one!

David Nehrbass

Motorsports Safety Solutions


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Feb 8, 2008
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Prescott Valley, AZ
Dave, you and your team kick ass!! The closer to race day, the more bummed I get not being there.