VEGAS TO RENO costs too much


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I am happy to see this thread revived because I think it is important for everyone to understand just what it takes to put on these events.

Many of the issues have already been covered here; fixing fences, grading roads, private land use fees, Nevada Highway Patrol (about $12,000 for TT250 and $20,000 for Vegas to Reno), BLM permits, etc. These events are extrememly expensive, that is why you need sponsors in addition to entry fees. We have sponsored Vegas to Reno for a few years now and I can tell you that every dollar of the money we give to BITD goes toward putting this race on, not into Casey's bank account.

One of the biggest costs is Environmental Impact Studies (EIS). Several years ago, Casey wanted to take Vegas to Reno into the forested areas on the Nev-Cali border. The EIS costs would have been $125,000! We opted not to go that route, but the route chosen was still subject to EIS costs.

What drives these costs so high is that a Baseline Study must be performed on every inch of impacted area long before we can ever get on this land. If it comes back favorable, we are allowed to use the land.

After we are done, a Post-Impact Study is performed and if that comes back favorable and/or Casey properly addresses any and all Action Items resulting from that study, then this land is now considered "Viable". That means it is now open to anyone who wants to obtain the proper permits to use it. The only catch is that you never get away from the Post-Impact Study. This must be performed after every event!

Thanks to one man's extreme efforts and a little ante-up by all the entrants to his events, every year we are allowed to run on areas where no other promoters will venture and we get to run on "Virgin-Terrain" in the state of Nevada.

This is only a small piece to the chaotic nature of putting on an off-road race in the USA today. I hope this opens some eyes to what really happens and I hope it will make everyone take pause and shake the hand of a promoter. They, and most especially Casey in this case, deserve it.



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This should pump up the entries!

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