Vegas to Reno Pit Help?


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Well, it's official. We're doing Yerington 5/25, and then Vegas To Reno 6/27! WOO HOO!! Rooms are booked (yes, I got rooms!), truck is ready, credit cards are paid up so I can burn them up. I am looking for any of you guys/gals who are interested in being part of the race or who will already be there for some help with our pit support.

Looks like we are only going to have a few people going with us, and maybe only one chase vehicle other than the truck/trailer to leap frog up from Alamo. We're afraid that if we do as well as we hope to, that the chasers won't be able to make all the pits in time. I can probably get some more help to cover from the north, but I haven't finalized anything yet. Whoever I get to come from the north won't be able to take enough time off work to cover the whole race on Friday, so that's where you come in. We're still figuring what spares, fuel, parts, etc. need to be where & when, but all that changes depending on how many chase trucks we can line up. If you're wondering, I can't use the BFG support because we're on Goodyears.

You won't get rich, but I can promise beer and a good time and beer. We've got 3 rooms at the Reno Hilton Friday and Saturday night, and only 2 rooms in Alamo Thursday, so it'll be cozy. (I guess what I'm saying is, if you bring women, you'll have to share!!!) Our plan is to do contingency/sign up at the Suncoast and bail as early as possible 2 hrs north to our rooms on Thursday night. I'd like to hang at the Suncoast like we did in '01, but it's too far to tow in the morning before dawn.

Anyone interested or already going? PM me or better yet email me at so we can hook up.

Thanks gang, and I appreciate your help in advance. Let's go racin'!



I will be at Vegas to Reno chasing the northern part for Mike. (can't afford to go all the way to vegas) Talk to Tristan and I at Yerington, we can set something up. See ya in a few weeks.