Vegas to Reno results?


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Has anyone heard any results from the VTR yet? I would think there would be some finishers already. just wondering.


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And Kyle Taylor continues his dominance. 2000 Las Vegas 200, First overall and first in class 8. 2001 Terribles Town 250, Second Overall and First in Class 8. 2001 Tonopah 300, second overall and first in class 8. 2001 Nevada 500, Second Overall and first in class 8. Lets just start the man out front, and watch him run away with the overall. He's in a class 8, and in his last 4 races there has yet to have been a Trophy Truck to beat him, and he always has to come through the class 8 field, usually 15 class 1's, and 10 TT's. Now thats fast. Why is he building a Trophy Truck? Just enter the class 8 in TT. Any opinions?